Apply for funding

The partnership receives many requests to fund local projects. There are no specific requirements or format for requests. The best way to apply is in person at one of our monthly meetings. See the Calendar for dates and times.


Whitleigh Big Local and Whitleigh Community Trust

Small Grants Programme 2018

Whitleigh Big Local and Whitleigh Community Trust seek to improve the well-being of our community; By improving the health and well-being of the community, through supporting their growing confidence and encouraging residents to do things for themselves.

Our Small grants scheme aims to support activities that will benefit the community of Whitleigh.

Applications must clearly show how it contributes to the growth, development, improvement of social skills or health and wellbeing of residents of Whitleigh, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions.

This grant scheme offers grants up to £1,000.

You must be able to complete your project within one year of the grant award. Any group or individual can apply, as long as their project benefits the residents of Whitleigh and is able to demonstrate that it fits with the objectives of Whitleigh Community Trust and Whitleigh Big Local.

This may include: Groups of friends, Voluntary or Community groups, Not for profit social enterprises / local charitable organisations or individuals.

Decisions will be made by a panel of trained community members. In assessing the applications consideration will be given to;

  • Is the application clear about what and how the project will be delivered?

  • Does the project address an identified need or opportunity?

  • Is the budget accurate and does it represent good value for money?

  • Will the project deliver impact for local people and how will it be evidenced?

Successful applicants must;

  • Provide evidence that shows how the grant has been spent this can be photos- feedback from residents, be as creative as you like.

  • 6-9 months later, provide a report on the impact that the grant has had; Who has benefited from the grant – what difference has it made to Whitleigh?

  • At the end of the financial year provide a final & accurate breakdown of how the grant was spent.

Who Cannot Apply:

Any private sector or “for profit” organisations. Or Public sector organisations

Projects that promote specific religious or political views.

Anyone looking for retrospective funds

Projects which do not directly benefit residents and communities in Whitleigh.

To apply, please download and complete this form: Small Grant Application If you have a problem printing the form, or filling it out, come to Four Greens and ask for Pippa. She has copies available and will be happy to help.

Completed forms should be emailed to


Startup support with funding

Whitleigh Big Local have joined with UnLtd to encourage the development of Social Enterprises in Whitleigh. Both organisations have put £50 000 into a pot which will then be awarded to suitable applicants over the next 3 years, with grants of £500, £5000 and £15000 available depending upon the stage that the project has reached.

£500 grants are intended to allow individuals to test out their ideas, whilst £5000 grants are provided to help take those ideas forward and allow trading activities to begin. £15 000 grants are only awarded where a project has been operating for some time and can demonstrate a sustainable business model – but where funds are required to allow for expansion.

All 3 levels of grant come with 12 months of support, and this is often appreciated as much as the cash. Support comes in several forms:

  • all grant winners will be supported by an Award Manager, who will be available to answer questions by phone or by coming along for a meeting. The Award Manager can then help to find additional support as required. This could be:
    • professional advice (generally free at first) from people such as solicitors, accountants or other business services
    • network contacts, for cooperations, moral support or even potential customers
    • mentoring, from someone in a similar position or area of focus
  • all grant winners will be offered a range of workshops to improve their knowledge of key areas of business management. Such courses are a great way to extend your skills and avoid common pitfalls.

We are very keen to see a wider range of social projects in Whitleigh and encourage anyone with an idea to take the first step and contact us. After that, we will help you promote your idea and put it into the required format for our process and possibly other funding options.

If you would prefer to speak to someone informally at first then give Pippa a ring on 07725 868807.