Whitleigh – Derriford Bus Route

Local residents needing to use public transport to get to Derriford Hospital can take the Yellow Flash Route 50A.

This route takes Ringmore Way from West Park before making stops at Holly Park/Lakeview Close and Whitleigh Green.

From Whitleigh Green the bus is scheduled to take 14 minutes to Derriford Hospital, via Looseleigh Lane.


Mon – Sat

Holly Park/Lakeview Close

First buses 08:34, 09:04

Then 04 and 34 past the hour until

Last bus 18:34

Whitleigh Green

First buses 08:40, 09:10

Then 10 and 40 past the hour until

Last bus 18:40

This service does not operate on Sundays.

To get back to Whitleigh from Derriford Hospital, use the Yellow Flash Route 51A.

First buses 06:10, 06:40

Then 05 and 35 past the hour until

Last bus 18:05

The curret timetable is included below.


Please note: services are subject to change. For the latest information check with Plymouth City Bus.

If you do notice a change to services please do email us so we can update our information.

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