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This website is new and lacks a depth of content on issues that matter to our local residents. We are working on a number of issues, including polls and surveys but now is the time for you to have your say and lead the way to a better Whitleigh.

We want to encourage a broad range of local residents to write for this site and will provide training and support as required. You need not worry about grammar or spellings – it is your opinion that wewant to see in print because, if this sparks a strong response, we will have a better guide to improving the lives of everyone in Whitleigh.

Contributors will be given limited authority at first. You will be given login details and permitted to draft posts, adding photos to make these more attractive and interesting. Initially, at least, each post will remain in a draft form until approved by our Editor. Published articles will remain on the site indefinitely.

Registered Followers will not be able to draft posts but will be able to leave comments on other people’s posts. Allcomments have to be approved by the Editor, to ensure that these are neither Spam nor in any way abusive.

Take the first step and Apply now.

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