The Plan The Plan, evolving

Full Plan – 27 November, 2014

Happening in Our Area

Our Vision

We want to create a better Whitleigh, looking out for the wellbeing of our residents, and helping them to achieve their aspirations – creating confidence. We will provide residents with the
tools to do things for themselves, to help them create a supportive, collaborative, and caring community. Whitleigh will have a vibrant local economy, encouraged through strong social enterprise and local business. We see all of this being further supported by a bustling community centre, offering a place for residence to relax, learn, or seek advice for them and their families.

Our Plan

In 2018 this plan will be refreshed or re-written and in the new year we will be sending out a community survey to make sure we have the views of all residents. The original plan was written in November 2014 with consultation and engagement from the community and reviewed in 2016. There have been many positive events, activities and new facilities that have been achieved but inevitably some activities did not proceed as expected. One of the main priorities was for a Community Hub and although this has yet to happen it remains a key priority and work to develop this continues.


The plan can be downloaded in PDF format here.

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