Community Centre, pre-application has been submitted


Our pre-application for a new Community Centre on Whitleigh Green has been submitted to Plymouth City Council (PCC). We will have to wait some weeks now for a response.

What is a pre-application?

A pre-application is an additional stage before before apply to PCC for full approval to build. The idea is to test the concept without any great expense. In particular this helps us to:

  • Verify the list of local requirements
  • Reduce the likelihood of submitting an invalid application
  • Understand how planning policies and other requirements affect our proposals

During the process we will meet with PCC officials on site to:

  • Ask for an assessment of whether there seems a reasonable chance of getting permission
  • Discuss site problems such as roads, footpaths, power cables, watercourses, sewers and telephone lines
  • Ask about potential problems such as noise and traffic and whether the council might impose conditions to overcome these problems rather than refuse planning permission

Where and what?

Our pre-application is for a site adjacent to the existing car park at Whitleigh Green. This takes advantage of the slope to create a single story building on that side with an events hall on the far side that is two stories high.

The plan shown in the diagrams below only puts the size of the building to the city planners and is not yet a proper architectural design. The final plan will depend upon their feedback and further consultation with the community.

The Units shown on the upper floor are intended as either shops or workshops. We will need the revenue generated by these to help fund the running costs of the rest of the community centre.

Lower floor

19002.Sk05 LOWER FLOOR LEVEL - revised scheme 250@a3

Upper floor

19002.Sk06 UPPER FLOOR LEVEL - revised scheme 250@a3

Roof level

19002.Sk07 ROOF LEVEL - revised scheme 250@a3

Views (indicative of the plan only, not architectural designs)

19002.Sk08 isometric views - revised scheme NTS@a3

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